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What are the parameters used for the BIS M-4008-048-0xx-ST4 processor?

BIS M-4008-048-0xx-ST4 processor parameters

Parameters which needs to be set are:


CRC check:

The CRC check is a procedure for determining a check value for data in order to be able to

recognize transmission errors. If the CRC check is activated, an error message is sent when a

CRC error is detected.



The checksum is written to the data carrier as 2 bytes of information. 2 bytes per block are lost. This leaves 14 bytes per block available. The usable number of bytes can be found in the following table.


The number of usable bytes thus decreases when using the checksum.


Dynamic mode:

As soon as the (Dynamic mode) function is enabled, the compact processor unit accepts the

read/write job from the controlling system and stores it, regardless of whether a data carrier is in the active zone of the R/W head or not. If a data carrier enters the active range of the R/W head, the stored job is run.


Type serial number:

If this function is enabled, the type of the read/write head as well as the data carrier type and serial number (UID = Unique Identifier) for the data carrier are output when CP occurs.


Slow tag detection:

For this option, the antenna on the read/write head is switched on for data carrier detection only every 200 ms. The parameters for this function are configured in the respective read/write head module.


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