What are the different types of digital interfaces available for Balluff transducers?

Different digital interface available

Balluff offers various digital interfaces such as:

  • Pulse interface:
    The time between a polling and the response pulse is directly proportional to the position
    of the position transducer on the measurement path. The transmission of the impulses
    with RS485 / 422 differential drivers guarantees interference-free transmission up to 500
    m cable length.
  • Synchronous serial interface SSI:
    The position of the position transducer on the measuring path is transmitted serially to
    the controller in a data word. Micropulse position transducers with SSI interface can be
    connected directly to controllers or axis control cards with an SSI interface.
  • Digital I/O interface:
    The displacement sensors can be directly connected to the controller via digital inputs /
    outputs and is therefore a cost-effective solution compared to analogue coupling.
    Each output can be programmed with positive or negative logic and as a cam or as a
    switching point.
  • Quadrature interface:
    The encoder with quadrature interface is connected directly to a standard rotary encoder
    interface (90 ° phase shift, A & B).         

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