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How is the process data of the BCM condition monitor sensor divided?

Why is the process data of BCM condition monitor divided in five slots?

The BCM outputs 20 bytes of current data cyclically over the IO-Link interface. These are divided into five slots, each with 4 bytes. The first four slots contain numbers of the float32 type. This number format for floating points with a 32-bit resolution is defined in the standard IEEE 754. In the fifth slot, the status bits explained in Table (for status bytes) are transmitted. Tab.

Process data below shows the assignment of process data divided according to profile, which can be configured using index 0x2000 (8192) subindex 0x00 (0).

The process data is updated with the time window (see tab: time window) of the respective module.



Time window

Contact temperature

500 ms

Relative humidity

500 ms

Ambient Pressure

500 ms


Adjustable in index 0x2102 (8450) subindex 0x00 (0)





Slot 5:

(Byte 16 to 19) are allocated for Status bits.


Status bits:

The status bits are stored in the service data of the respective module. The designations of the status bits are compiled in below Table including the reference index and reference subindex of the corresponding service data variables.

If a status bit is set once, it remains high at least for STATUS BIT HOLD UP TIME (index 0x005E (94) subindex 0x02 (2)).


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