What is the sequence of commands to test Balluff Camera on TCP/IP interface?

Sequence of commands to test Balluff Camera on TCP/IP interface

It is possible to control BVS Cockpit using so-called UDP sockets or TCP sockets via the Ethernet interface of the host system. For this, the port 36701 is used.

Using further BVS Cockpit instances in the same host system, the port numbers are incremented (instance 2 = port 36702, instance 3 = port 36703, etc.).

To communicate via TCP, you have to set the Mode in the system menu

("System settings -> communication") to "TCP".

With a TCP socket first a connection between BVS Cockpit and the controlling system is opened.

BVS Cockpit expects a Connect message, then it starts to send out status updates and result data. If the controlling system does not want any more updates, it sends Disconnect.

Likewise, a Disconnect should be sent before the socket is closed. BVS Cockpit supports only one active client.


Command sequence to send from client (PLC) to the BVS Cockpit is as follows:

  • Connect = 01 00 00 00 hex
  • Change inspection program = 31 00 02 00 01 00 hex
  • Start inspection program = 41 00 00 00 hex
  • Trigger inspection program = 40 00 00 00 hex
  • Stop inspection program = 42 00 00 00 hex
  • Disconnect = 02 00 00 00 hex

Invalid messages are ignored by BVS Cockpit.


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