What are the different options available in BNS to visualize the switching state?

Function display in BNS

There are three options to visualize the switching state.

  • Permanently wired in the housing cover LED variant (FC)
    The switching points are wired to the individual LEDs and use a common ground contact.
    This is available with switching element BSE 85.




  • Function indicator as plug-on unit to the switching element (FD/FE)
    The functional indicators FD / FE are plugged onto the switching element. This is available with BSE 30.0 and BSE 61.
  • Permitted power supply:
    -FD = 6 to 60 volts
    -FE = 90 to 250 volts



  • Light guide variant which is only used with inductive elements  -FC Inductive
    Inductive BNS has a standard function indicator on the insert element.
    So there is no need for additional wiring.



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