What are the installation recommendation for BTL inside hydraulic cylinders?

The installation of BTL inside hydraulic cylinders

Make a mounting hole with thread (possibly with  countersink for the O-ring)  .
 Screw the BTL with mounting thread into the mounting hole (max. torque 100 Nm).
 Install the magnet .From 500 mm nominal length: support the rod and tighten it at the end if necessary (only possible with a diameter of 10.2 mm).

If you seal the hole with a flat seal, the max. operating pressure will be reduced in accordance with the larger pressurized surface. If installing horizontally in a hydraulic cylinder (nominal
lengths > 500 mm), we recommend affixing a sliding element to protect the rod end from wear.

The sliding element material must be suitable for the appropriate load case, medium used, and application temperatures. E.g. Torlon, Teflon or bronze are all possible materials.



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