What is a synchronous serial interface?

Advantages of the SSI interface

The position of the magnet is sent to the control serially in the form of a data word.

Micropulse transducers with SSI interface can be connected directly to controls or closed-loop
control cards with SSI interfaces. Data transmission from the sensor to the control is synchronized by means of a clock pulse from the control.

Transducers with 24 or 25-bit data words are available. The maximum non-linearity of the SSI Micropulse transducer of ±30 μm over the entire stroke, the update frequency of 2 kHz and a resolution of 5 μm.


Asynchronous operation =>The external sampling frequency is independent of the internal sampling frequency of the BTL.

Synchronous operation => The internal sensing cycle adjusts itself to the external sampling cycle to keep the position delay short and constant as possible.


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