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What type of communication interface does the Balluff SmartVision controller support?

Available interface with Balluff SmartVision controller

Our new SmartVision controller with integrated BVS Cockpit user interface directly controls industrial cameras and makes the results available to the central controller over various network interfaces.

Balluff SmartVision controller BAE0103 supports following communication interfaces:

  1. Ethernet/IP
  2. Profinet
  3. TCP/IP

The example shows the integration of the SmartVision Controller into an existing network with DHCP via the Gigabit Ethernet (LAN) female connector 1. The IP address is dynamically assigned. GigE Vision cameras can be connected using the Gigabit Ethernet (industrial cameras) connectors and / or USB3 Vision cameras using the USB 3.0 (industrial cameras) connectors.

The interaction of the Balluff SmartVision Controller via the Gigabit Ethernet (LAN) connector or the Fieldbus (Profinet/Ethernet IP).




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