Are Balluff SMPS (switched-mode power supply) suitable for Pollution Class 2 degree?

Balluff power supply for class 2 degree

Yes, Balluff SMPS having IP20 are suitable for Pollution Class 2 degree.

We have variants which comes with ready for IO-Link communication facility i.e if required by  clipping plug-in IO-Link terminal accessory (BAE SC-AE-I01 order code BAE00TF ) you can use is it as IO-Link unit or other wise can be used as your regular Power Supply without IO-Link communication facility.

Eg. Order Code (BAE00T4) BAE PS-XA-1S-24-050-102



The other variant which do not fall under IO-Link ready category (traditional, non-IO Link) and have IP20 Protection Class are also suitable for Pollution Class 2 degree.

Eg. Order Code: (BAE0112) BAE PS-XA-1W-24-050-017



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