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The introduction to Balluff IO-Link technology

Preparing for the upgrade with Balluff IO-Link technology

IO-Link is the first globally standardized IO technology (IEC 61131-9) that communicates from the controller down to the lowest automation level. This universally applicable interface is a fieldbus-neutral point-to-point connection which uses standard unshielded cables.

IO-Link sends all the sensor and actuator signals to the controller and in turn carries controller data to the sensor/actuator level with revolutionary consequences.

This open standard opens all sensors to the fieldbus level and even transports analog signals noise-free by digitizing them. IO-Link enables fully continuous diagnostics as well as automated configuration of the IO-Link devices via the controller.

This means IO-Link is simple to install. In addition to the IO-Link master, all you need is a standard unshielded 3- or 4-conductor cable to connect sensors and actuators.




The advantages of IO-Link:
■ Easy installation
■ Highest machine availability
■ Requirements-based maintenance
■ More efficient operation
■ High-performance, consistent network


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