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Does the IO-Link signal transmission under extreme ambient conditions?

IO-Link signal transmission under extreme ambient conditions, such as the PFB washdown environment

The universal IO-Link interface was developed for the extreme conditions of the food and pharmaceutical industries. The modules are resistant to corrosion and cleaning agent. They ensure secure and error-less signal transmission even in demanding environments with high volume production.


All devices are open to IO-Link with up to 8 in/outputs via the universal IO-Link interface. Pumps, signal lights, control panels, valve terminals, switch units, transfer units, and much more can be simply and easily linked to the control level. The module offers the fast IO-Link connection through a standard sensor cable plus an open cable with 10 conductors. This allows you to connect any electrical unit to the controller world with up to 8 in/outputs. By eliminating cumbersome multiple-cable configurations, you benefit from lean wiring concepts and save space, time and money.图片2-1
■ Compact housing for direct connection to a wide range of devices
■ IO-Link interface enables universal and fieldbus-neutral use
■ Connect up to 8 in/outputs
■ Simple installation, connect to the control level using standard sensor cables
■ Corrosion and cleaning agent resistant housing with IP69 protection



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