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What are the topologies of Balluff's Profibus master station modules?

Topology PROFIBUS: Serial/ Hybrid/ Branch

The bus module topology can be divided into three forms:

  1. Trunk branch connection line
  2. Serial network connection
  3. Hybrid topology 

1. Trunk branch connection line 


■ troubleshooting is very simple
■ can disconnect a single device without interrupting the network
■ additional cables are required, resulting in increased costs

2. Serial network connection


■ trouble shooting and troubleshooting
■ disconnecting a device will interrupt the network
■ fewer cable laying components and lower cost

3. Hybrid topology 


■ create logical groups to make troubleshooting relatively simple
■ the most common way - ideal cost / benefit ratio

Through years of extensive application, Profibus has become a mature field bus, which can reliably support modern manufacturing process. As a full service provider, Balluff can provide a wide range of components to achieve the best effect of Profibus application.

No matter which manufacturer the controller comes from, Balluff can provide you with the perfect solution: it can realize efficient field and process communication, simple wiring, quick integration into your system through direct installation, and quick modification. It can also be used in harsh environment.

Balluff Profibus solution can use IO-link. Comprehensive diagnosis can prevent system failure, while centralized configuration can make the system recover quickly.

You can save time and get a real cost advantage. Make the expansion of the system easy and simple, so as to protect your investment security. With mature connection technology, Balluff has made outstanding contributions to achieve higher efficiency and lower cost.


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