How to overcome RFID errors by using IO-LINK?

The RFID read/ write head's fault solution through a IO-LINK connection

For the read/ write head of IO-LINK, it is necessary to take the main station of IO-LINK into consideration.



When the read/ write head fails, the LED light on the read/ write head will show either a red light or no light.



If the LED light on the read-write head is behaving abnormally, then it is usually caused by the 24V power on the PIN2 pin of the read/ write head of IO-LINK. Thus, resulting in the damage of its SERVICE port.

Also the SF of the master station module connected to it will flash a red status light and give users a hint of failure.


When the PORT of the corresponding master station module connected by the read/ write head of the IO-LINK lights up red light:  Please check whether the byte length of the configuration configuration is consistent with the process data length of the IO-LINK read/ write header itself.

The byte length of the configuration should be greater than or equal to the property of the read/ write header.


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