What are the different operating principles of the BSI series?

Technology behind inclination sensors

Inclination sensors can measure the deviation from a horizontal axis. The output signal is directly related to the measured angle throughout the measuring range. Both current output 4mA...20mA and voltage output 0V...10V are available.

BSI products are either based on a fluid-based measuring cell or a micro-electro-mechanical
system (MEMS).


Fluid-based measuring cell:

The fluid-based measuring cell consists of four capacities and is filled with a special fluid,
which works as the dielectric. The area of the capacities that is covered by the fluid changes according to the angle of the sensor.

Fluid-based sensors measure the inclination in only one axis.



MEMS chips contain micro-mechanical structures which, under the influence of gravitational force, move according to the inclination. The deformation of these structures is detected by a capacitive measuring principle.

MEMS-based sensors allow both one and two axes measurement.




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