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Does Balluff have any warning lights?

SmartLight from Balluff for different applications

Balluff SmartLight  BNI0072:


IO-link SmartLight has the following advantages:

  • First LED stack light with IO link interface
  • Extremely flexible, programming is very simple
  • Installation is very fast and simple
  • Different colors can be easily selected without mechanical replacement of LED tower lights

IO link SmartLight has the following modes:
  • Stack light mode: display up to 5 different color signals in different segments
  • Liquid level mode: display the color gradient picture of liquid level or temperature value
  • Running light mode: automatic running light with freely configurable foreground and background colors



It has a wide spectrum, which can represent all common physical parameters:

The first LED signal stack lamp with IO link interface uses its chromatogram to send signals to inform the working status. Many individually defined colors do the same. The equipment operator can accurately display the critical and important equipment status according to the requirements.
From its color scale, the trend, pattern and trend of physical parameters can even be read. Temperature status, system level, or slider position on the displacement measurement system can be seen on the tower lamp, which has up to 20 individually controlled LED coils.

The color can be determined independently, and the user has the maximum flexibility:

The connection and installation are very simple. Only one four core sensor cable needs to be bolted, and there are not a large number of individual components. This ensures maximum functionality, so the LED signal stack provides benefits previously unimaginable.

Through IO link SmartLight, almost all common physical variables can be displayed by flexible color spectrum and led of various colors. Programming is realized by PLC, and bit address is assigned in io link address range. Users can assign a variety of colors through a few commands without mechanically changing the LED stack lights.

Using Balluff SmartLight, users can realize all the functions including those that can be realized by the previous system. For example, various colors can be displayed in different areas, so the signal lamp can be divided into 5 areas at most.

The number, size and color assignment of colors and areas can be customized by users, and even the settings can be changed during the operation of the equipment, which is completely different from other systems on the market before. Thus, users can get full flexibility.

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