Does Balluff have Line Scan camera?

Does Balluff industrial cameras support Line Scan Applications?

Balluff industrial cameras can be used as Line scan camera by enabling block scan mode in camera software.

The mvBlockscan acquires an Area of Interest (AOI) block which consists of several lines. The user defines the amount of AOI blocks which are used to create one image.

With this functionality the feature offers the possibility, to realize a line scan application with Pregius global shutter area scan sensors from Sony and this in connection with the standard interfaces USB3 and GigE Vision.

The mvBlockScan simplifies the handling of line scan applications (e.g. during focusing), increases the usability of area scan cameras, reduces the costs because a frame grabber is not needed and the area scan camera is less pricey than a line scan camera with the same line rate.

It allows easier system setup with cost effective solution as compared to traditional line scan cameras.

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