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Does Balluff have a compact laser band with IO-link?

IO-link laser bands

Balluff offers the BLA0007 which is a compact laser light band with IO-link.


When various objects have to be identified in production, packaging or in quality control, this compact and multi-functional laser light array is ideal. This through- beam sensor with IO-Link offers numerous measuring modes including object diameter, object position, gap width, gap position or edge position.

Additionally, it offers other modes such as counting or nominal/ actual comparisons, which you can use simultaneously. The built-in operating hours counter allows you to monitor your processes and display maintenance intervals.

The IO-Link interface offers central data storage and management for simple and fast configuration – even during format changes in the production process. IO-Link is used to transmit the signals with numerical values reliably and unaltered, such as in edge positioning or diameter detection.

These functions make the laser light band ideal for tasks such as precise position detection, object classification or simple part sorting by size or diameter. It allows for quality assurance variables like object heights, gap dimensions or holes to be monitored. Precise detection of web edges is also possible, even with optically demanding materials. Applications in tight mounting spaces and hard to access detection locations are possible thanks to the compact form factor of the emitter and receiver.

■ Exact position detection
■ Simple size differentiation of diameters
■ Quality inspection gap dimensions
■ Precise edge detection
■ Simple configuration and parameter setting with IO-Link
■ Small housing allows applications in tight mounting spaces

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