Does Balluff have a smart safety solution?

Balluff safety solution. Preparing for the upgrade of industrial systems

Safety over IO-Link bridges the gap between the safety architecture and the standard automation. Thus, bringing both systems together, and further simplifying complexity of today‘s automation.

Using state-of-the-art technology and quality that you come to expect from Balluff: Safety over IO-Link from Balluff significantly enhances the value of your investment.



One-of-a-kind: Safety over IO-Link
To increase the efficiency of safety concepts and integrate them into the control system, we have developed the Balluff Safety Hub. This is the first integrated safety solution that uses IO-Link!

Safety over IO-Link is easy to integrate, responds quickly and can replace the control cabinet.
Safety over IO-Link combines automation and safety technology.

IO-Link handles communication down to the last meter and provides both sensor/actuator details, as well as secure information.State-of-the-art, with the quality you have come to expect from Balluff.



Scalability increases system performance
With Safety over IO-Link the existing network topology is scalable to accommodate future needs. You can connect both safety and standard components to the I/O module. This maintains the function of your system just the way you use it and ensures safety.

Both topologies are successfully combined and increase the performance of your system.



Safety over IO-Link
■ Combines automation and safety technology
■ High degree of process reliability
■ More space in your control cabinet
■ Easy to integrate
■ Simple system structure
■ Lower overall costs
■ Increased system performance
■ High flexibility



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