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Does Balluff have inductive couplers for power supplies?

Balluff's inductive coupler for power supplies

Many applications require high energy transmission without contact. The Balluff BIC inductive coupler is an optimal choice to achieve this, as it transmits electrical power of up to 120 W from the stationary unit (base) via an air gap to the mobile unit (remote). The transmission distances between base and remote can be up to 4 mm, with a permissible axial offset of <=4 mm.

The BIC system has an internal temperature monitoring functionality to protect the inductive coupler from overheating. After triggering the temperature monitoring, the automatic restart returns power as soon as the system has cooled down. In the event of a short circuit or over-current, the energy transfer is switched off at the base unit. The restart will start automatically when the interference has been eliminated. To visualize the operating state, an LED display is integrated at the base side.



■ High-level power transfer (up to max. 120 W)
■ No mechanical wear
■Completely maintenance-free
■ IP67 – suitable for harsh environments
■ Internal temperature monitoring
■ Visualization of the operating status at the base unit



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