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Does Balluff offer loose wire inductive couplers?

Balluff inductive coupler, and preparing for the selection of suitable couplers

Inductive couplers provide major advantages in many applications. The reason being: they send both data and power at the same time over an air gap!

This benefits you in many ways. The risk of a cable break is completely eliminated, and the need to contact the mechanical connector is erased.

The new inductive coupler from Balluff gives you a system which transmits signals from up to four sensors, all completely wear-free. An internal temperature monitor in the inductive coupler protects the system from overheating. A status LED, located on both the base and remote, indicates the operating status of the respective component.
All of this makes the new 4-bit coupler from Balluff an ideal solution for a variety of the rotary index table, where sensor data is transmitted from rotating or non-moving machine members.图片1-1

■ Compact cylindrical housing (Ø 18 mm)
■ Axial or radial transmission of sensor data and power
■ No mechanical wear
■Completely maintenance-free
■Designed for harsh environments with IP67 protection
■ Internal temperature monitoring
■ Operating status indicated on base and remote

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