Does Balluff have modularization solution for packaging machines?

Balluff's modularization solution for packaging machines

Increasing demands when it comes to machine flexibility especially affect today's packaging industry. Driven by the desire for ever more individualized packaging solutions, the demand for more intelligent automation grows with it. Time-to-market is becoming a decisive criterion. A machine builder understands that combining greater efficiency with simplified and optimized engineering puts them a step ahead of the competition.


IO-Link stands for flexible control concepts offering numerous advantages:
■ Elimination of the decentralized control cabinet by Balluff IP67 products – the large selection of IO-Link devices such as IO-Link hubs, sensors, power supplies, stack lights as well as a broad range of IO-Link masters
■ Fieldbus migration for a high standardization factor regardless of controller manufacturer
■ Simple startup and simple wiring (plug-and-play)
■ Reduction in error sources thanks to less cable and faster installation and startup



Balluff's modularization solution for packaging machines