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Does Balluff have safety light curtains?

Safety light curtain types, function, and applications

Safety light curtains are non-contacting guard devices for detecting fingers, hands or bodies. They are used in work areas where machines present potential hazards. Their most important task is to stop hazard-inducing movements. The device consists of an emitter and a receiver. It covers the protected area using an infrared field.

As soon as the beams from the emitter are interrupted by an object, both output signal switching devices (OSSDs) on the receiver are turned off. This stops the machine connected to the OSSD outputs.图1



Balluff safety light curtain features:
■ Replaces protective fence constructions for better space utilization
■ For fast interaction between man and machine
■ High tamper protection
■ For finger, hand or body detection
■ PLe / SIL 3 图2

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