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Does Balluff have CC-Link ie field module?

CC-Link ie field, module

Balluff's CC link ie field module is divided into two types:

  • Master station module BNI008c with IO-link
  • 16di/do module: BNI0094, BNI008t and BNI0095

1. Master station module BNI008c with IO-link


This module includes eight IO link main ports, which can be configured and used independently of each other. All IO link ports support com1, com2, COM3 ports (3-wire only) and SiO mode.

The IO link port also includes an additional input port or I / O port connected via pin 2. This means that complementary normally open / normally closed and desina sensors can also be connected in SiO mode.

The Balluff CC-link ie field bus ensures that the IO-link module is in optimal working condition, and the data throughput remains unchanged even when processing large amounts of data.

These ports can be freely configured with 16 input ports or 16 output ports, providing 16 standard IO ports for standard sensors and actuators, and the maximum transmission current can reach 2A.

2. 16di/do module: BNI0094, BNI008t and BNI0095:



In addition to saving time and cost, our master station is easier to operate. Balluff provides a display screen for CC-link ie field module, which can be used by users to set station number or call up module information (such as hardware and software status). It not only improves security, but also facilitates maintenance.


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