How to eliminate the problem of IO-LINK master module quickly?

Master fault descriptions

If we encounter a problem when it's in use, we can first observe the large LED on the module of the Balluff master:




  • Green means the input voltage is normal
  • Red flashes means the input voltage <18v



  • Green means the output voltage is normal
  • Red means the output voltage <118
  • Red also means the output voltage <11V



  • No light means no error
  • Red Indicates watchdog timeout channel, general or advanced diagnosis exists or system error,
  • Red flashing indicates that the service DCP signal is started via the bus



  • No light indicates no error
  • Red indicates slow physical link speed; or no physical contact
  • Red blinking means no data exchange or configuration



  • No light means communication rate: 10Mbit / s
  • Yellow means communication rate: 100Mbit / s



  • Green means data exchange




The second is the Port status display:

Standard port:

  • Off indicates that the input or output pin status is 0
  • yellow is the input or output pin status is 1
  • two flashing red LEDs indicate the sensor power supply is short-circuited or
    the red pin 2/4 is short-circuited to pin 3 or there is no high signal at the diagnostic input.



IO-LINK port status:

  • Green indicates that the IO-Link communication connection is activated,
  • Green flashing indicates that there is no IO-Link product connection or wrong IO-LINK device,
  • Green rapid flashing indicates that during data management, IO-Link pre-operation,
  • Red rapid flashing means failed verification / IO-Link data length configuration error, data management failure / data management device error,
  • Red means IO-Link short circuit, pin 4 to pin 3.