How to operate the CC-Link i.e. field bus module on the panel?

CC-Link i.e. field, module and panel

The built-in display allows you to set station and network numbers directly on the module. Additional information can also be displayed and functions carried out.


Factory setting : Station number: 1 , Network number: 1

• Display LEDs: The two LEDs can be controlled by the cyclical CC-Link IE Field data. Green and/or red can be set.

• (S)et/(P)rogramming Key: This key is used to scroll through the main menu or, if held down, to start editing mode. A change is confirmed by briefly pressing the key.

Edit mode can be locked and unlocked by a bit in the cyclical process data. Locking is indicated by a key symbol.

• Arrow key: This key is used to go through the menu entries. The display shows the standard screen after 10 seconds of inactivity.

• Display: When interacting using the keys, the respective menu point is displayed. Inactivity causes the standard view to be shown and the set station number displayed.

The main menu operation is as follows:


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