How to select a suitable high frequency RFID processor?

Understand the selection of high frequency RFID processor keywords and attention points

When selecting a high frequency RFID processor, it is important to know the application of the occasion. Is the direct communication established with PC or with the PLC?


For PC communication connection, Balluff has a TCP/IP processor that supports the basic protocol of IOS.RFID2

For applications of various industrial buses, Balluff has specific processors that support these such as Profinet, profibus-dp, Ethernet IP, Devicenet, cclink-ie, Cclink, Ethercat, etc.

Second, you need to know how many read-write heads are available.



Balluff offers processors that support one-to-one, where a processor connects to one read-write head. And also one-to-many, that is, one processor that can be used for many heads at the same time.

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