How to select the right lens?

Choosing a suitable lens

Choose the lens interface and the largest sensor size:
As long as the lens interface can be matched and installed with the camera interface or can be matched and installed through an external conversion interface; the maximum sensor size supported by the lens should be greater than or equal to the chip size of the optional camera sensor.

Choose lens focal length:
Given the sensor chip size, working distance WD and field of view FOV, the focal length f of the required lens can be calculated
f = Sensor Size(V or H)*WD/FOV(V or H)

Choose lens aperture:
The aperture size of the lens determines the width of the image. In the application of shooting high-speed moving objects and short exposure vision, a large aperture lens should be used to increase the brightness of the image.

Choose a telecentric lens:
The telecentric lens is a lens specially designed to correct the parallax of the traditional lens. It can be within a certain object distance, so that the image magnification will not change with the change of the object distance. Compared with traditional lenses, telecentric lenses are more expensive.


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