How to set the parameters of IO-Link devices?

IO-Link parameters

The IO-Link Device Manager tool provides central access to all IO-Link devices connected to the Balluff IO-Link Master over a network:

1. Parameters can be modified by PLC program.
2. Some devices can be modified through the web service.
3. It can be modified by IO link device manager tool software.

The IO-Link Device Manager tool provides direct access to all the IO-Link devices on the network via UDP (User Datagram Protocol). The user friendly multi-window design of the software allows configuring and diagnosing various devices at the same time.

The software enables configuration and testing of the sensor without requiring a PLC- enabling parallel development of controls.



The Device Manager software can be connected to the network even when the machine is in production. It gathers diagnostic data from various sensors and devices without affecting machine operations or causing communication delays.

The Device Manager tool for IO-Link devices can be used together with EtherNet/IP and Profinet network modules from Balluff.



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