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How to update the software of the Balluff SmartVision Controller?

Software update of the Balluff SmartVision Controller

The Balluff website regularly offers new software updates on our website. The updates contain bug fixes, performance optimization, or functional extensions.
We recommend updating the SmartVision Controller from time to time to derive maximum benefit from the SmartVision Controller.


Please follow these steps to update the SmartVision Controller:

  1. Download the latest update file from our website and save it locally on your computer.
  2. If an inspection program is running, please stop it and make sure that the camera is not acquiring new images.
  3. Press the keys Windows + R, enter the address of the update directory (e.g. \\gemini-000110\updates) and confirm with Enter.

    NOTE - In order to access this folder, you have to use the following credentials:
          - Login: expert
          - Password: expert

    If you cannot access the shared folders, please have a look at the manual: 
    "Appendix → Troubleshooting Table → Accessing the shared folders is not possible".
  4. Copy the update file into the folder updates. The update process will start automatically, which can take up to two minutes.

    ATTENTION - Do not switch off the SmartVision Controller during the update process. This may cause irremediable damage to the SmartVision Controller.

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