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Is the communication speed of CC-link i.e. field module fast enough?

CC-Link i.e. communication speed

The CC-Link i.e. field bus module can achieve speed of up to 1GB.

1-Jul-29-2020-08-56-54-47-AMCC link IEF loop D is the latest high-speed network in the industry, up to the communication speed of igbps.This transmission speed has almost no transmission delay for industrial Ethernet to realize the control of distributed I / O field devices.It is used for C 5E standard cables and RJ45 or x-coded M12 connectors.

Make sure you don't need an Ethernet switch. Reliable communication without additional Ethernet switch reduces hardware cost and implementation work.Due to the concept of shared memory, the cost of data flow control and Ethernet priority arrangement can be saved. Reliable data transmission is guaranteed by token passing technology.

Flexible topology
Star, linear, mixed star and ring topologies are feasible.It can connect up to 120 stations and the distance between any two stations can reach 100m.the height is 239Networks can be connected to each other.

The IO-link of CC link i.e. field based on ultra high speed network has the following characteristics:

■ high speed CC link ie field connecting sensor and I/O
■ build high density I / O applications, reduce network dropouts, and reduce cable costs with 10 link
■ the built-in flexibility enables the module to connect multiple IO link devices and reserve space for subsequent module expansion
■ to IO link can realize automatic parameter setting and plug and play functions2-Jul-29-2020-08-57-17-10-AM

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