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What is the laser grade of Balluff's laser sensors?

Laser sensors

The purpose of each laser protection level is to specify limits to protect personnel from laser radiation. Therefore, the laser is classified according to the danger level. The calculations and associated limits associated with this classification are given in the standard EN 60825  1:2001  11.


6.1On the basis of comprehensive consideration of output power and wavelength, combined with transmission duration, pulse number and extension angle, the grouping is made.
The laser protection level of Balluff's switch is as follows:

Level 1: there is no danger and no protective measures are required.

Level 2: low output, just close your eyes, it is enough to achieve the purpose of protection.


If the protection level of the equipment is level 2, the eyes will close automatically under the action of closed eye reflection in the case of long time of direct viewing of the beam.

Only laser warning labels need to be placed on the equipment and on machines where lasers may be used. No other protective measures are required. When using equipment with protection level 1 and 2, the company does not need to appoint a laser safety officer. 



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