What are the advantages of Balluff infrared temperature sensors with IO-link?

Infrared temperature sensors with IO-link

You can use guided radar sensors for level measurement in liquids as well as for measuring separating layers. The guided radar pulses along the probe ensure precise and stable measurement even with foamy media. With a measuring length of up to 75 m, these sensors enable a wide range of applications, from small filling tanks to large storage tanks – anything is possible.


Their measuring principle and mechanical design make these guided radar sensors predestined for use in harsh environments. The hygienic versions are ideal for pharmaceutical and food and beverage applications. The certified sensors can also be used in explosion hazard areas typically found in refineries and chemical processing.

■ Precise, absolute level measurement
■ Suitable for liquids
■ Wear- and maintenance-free
■ High durability and long service life
■ Flexible installation and easy to use
■ For explosion hazard areas, SIL2 certifed, for use in hygienic applications

The common models are as follows: