What are the Balluff IO-Link slave devices?

Balluff IO-LINK slave device classifications

1. IO-LINK sensor/ actuator hub

  • Metal and plastic case
  • Strong case
  • High performance input and output terminals
  • Extended temperature range
  • Various models: M8 or M12 interface, 3 - core, 4 - core and analog specifications, with 8 or 16 standard input terminal
  • Protection class IP67
  • Equipped with IP20 sensor/actuator hub which can be installed in control cabinet with spiral terminal

2. IO-LINK valve island interface

  • Plug directly on the valve island
  • Compact adapter housing to minimize space consumption
  • Compatible with different valve island stitch arrangement
  • The wiring is optimized to control up to 24 solenoid coils by connecting the control interface with a standard 3-core / 4-core sensor cableIO-LINK方案4

3. Universal type IO-LINK interface

  • Equipped with a compact adapter housing, it can connect different devices directly through the IO-LINK for common use and is not affected by the field bus
  • The control interface is connected by a common sensor cable
  • Models with 8 or 16 input/output signals are available
  • Avoid complex multiple wiring processes
  • Adopt simple wiring scheme, save space, time and moneybcm-advantage-3-cn