What are Balluff's mechanical limited switches? What types of ejector pins are there? What are the connection methods?

Balluff mechanical combined limited switch

Balluff has mechanical combined limit switches, including ridge type, roller, ball type and roller, which all have different top bar shapes. 挺杆机械限位

The number of switches ranges from 2 to 16, and the protection grade is IP67.

The connection mode includes a connector, screw terminal and soldering connection, as well as the model with an IO-link interface.

The switch distance of Balluff mechanical combined limited switch is selected as follows: 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 16mm. 单个机械限位

The mechanical sequential position switch with up to 16 switching points is a classic product in the automation industry.

The switching process is performed by a retractable tappet.

Balluff has a mechanical single limit switch with a safety switch position, which complies with the safety standard DIN EN 60204-1. 行程开关