What are Balluff's safety products?

Classification of Balluff's safety products

Balluff offers a variety of safety products:

  • IO-link safety modules for safety,
  • Profisafe superimposed on IO-link,

These products rely on IO-LINK to achieve unprecedented safety, automation technology and safety technology facilities, and they all benefit from a simple integration.



The benefits: 

  • It can be connected to almost any equipment
  • Holistic process diagnosis and a simple equipment replacement program 
  • Reduces the maintenance cost during the service process
  • The number of required IP addresses is kept small.
  • There are electromechanical safety switches
  • The status display metal shell is very stable
  • There is inductive safety



The sensor is detects the terminal position and current position of the metal in a non-contact manner.

The components:

  • A magnetically coded safety switch
  • A variety of photoelectric protective devices
  • Basic finger protection
  • Basic hand protection
  • Basic body protection
  • An electro-mechanical safety locking device
  • Coded safety locking device
  • Emergency stop device, etc.