What are Balluff's opto-electronic protective devices?

Balluff's Opto-electronic protective devices

Flexible production places high demands on safety when man and machine work so closely together.
This interplay must not ever compromise the safety of employees. Opto-electronic protective devices such as light curtains from Balluff provide safe solutions that also enable great flexibility. Another benefit to you: by using light curtains that consist of multiple parallel light beams, you
save space since they can replace cumbersome guard fence constructions or assemblies of multiple through-beam sensors.




The most important benefits:

  • Finger, hand and body detection for convenient and fast interaction between man and machine
  • Defined protected area with infrared protection field – suitable for safety applications up to PLe SIL3
  • Safe machine stoppage in safety-critical applications
  • Better space utilization by eliminating the need for protective fence structures
  • High level of manipulation protection


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