What are the advantages of Balluff's capacitive sensors with IO-LINK?

Capacitive sensors

When you need to detect metallic and non-metallic objects or levels with direct media contact, Balluff‘s compact capacitive sensors will meet all of your needs. The flush mounting versions are ideal for object detection, while the non-flush versions are optimal for detecting levels.

The newest generation in M12 housings also offer you optimized technical features. You can choose between versions with IO-Link interface and a conventional final stage, i.e. normally open or normally closed, each with a push-pull function. The teach wire allows you to adjust the sensitivity easily for the respective application. The IO-Link versions give you a wide range of possibilities from a central location, such as configuration or diagnostics by monitoring the process values.



With our M12 capacitive sensors, you get greater security for your applications.

■ Easy adjustment via wire, especially advantageous in hard to access locations
■ IO-Link for expanded functionality
■ Rugged VA-1.4404 housing
■ IP67 protection rating
■ Power, status and switching function indicator
■ Extended measuring range

The common models are as follows: