What are the advantages of Balluff's IO-link master station module scheme and traditionally distributed I/O?

Balluff's IO-LINK product types

The advantages:

  • Easy to install and use IO link, you only need to use industrial standard 3-core or 4-core cable. This industrial standard interface can be quickly and easily integrated into fieldbus applications to connect even complex devices in a simple way.
    A special feature color: digital communication ensures noise immunity even without the use of expensive shielded cables.
    Analog letter: the number is digitized without conversion loss.



  • Improve the efficiency of machine and equipment. IO link ensures fast sensor replacement and rapid debugging. The parameters of the original IO link sensor are automatically written from the IO link master station to the new sensor, which greatly reduces the downtime.
    The debugging process, shape change or formula change are processed by the function module of the controller. This saves time and significantly reduces the probability of error.
    Another advantage: IO link devices will not be mixed because they are automatically identified by IO link.
  • On demand maintenance continuously provides diagnostic data for the entire process, extending your repair interval. Automatic readjustments via IO link means that the maintenance frequency of your equipment and machine is greatly reduced.
    Now, all process parameters are displayed consistently on the controller, therefore, predictive error detection can be performed.




  • High performance, universal network connection adopts the control concept of IO link to provide you with simple and universal solutions to achieve stable high-performance network connection, reduce costs and obtain flexibility beyond the past.



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