What are the advantages of Balluff IO-LINK?

Balluff IO-LINK benefits

Balluff IO-LINK features:

  • low cost and non-shielded standard (3/4/5) cables;
  • Simple installation, download parameters, diagnostic function;
  • Reduced bus nodes, flexible solutions, low cost, high density digital connectivity, reduced hardware costs, digital I/o/analog I/o and output;
  • Offers flexible IO-LINK integrated solutions, RFID, distance measurement, valve solutions, color, pressure, temperature sensors etc. 
  • Safety features;


  • Balluff I/O module features, if the bus changes, you only need to change the IO-LINK Master to reduce the design cost;
  • Distributed IO-LINK solution makes the system more simple, simple in design, easy to install, easy to maintain. Thus saves time and reduces total costs.
  • IO-LINK technology can be widely used in industrial automation and industrial Internet of things. It can obtain information such as alarm status of on-site equipment at any time. bcm-advantage-3-cn
  • It can not only play a role in asset management, but also play a role in warning and maintenance and other functions.IO-LINK方案3