What are the characteristics of Balluff temperature sensors?

We need Balluff temperature sensor

Balluff has a temperature sensor with contact medium. The temperature range spans from -50 to +1500 °.红外测温传感器2

The output interface has one or two channels of PNP output, the analog voltage is 0-10V, and the analog current is 4-20mA.

The analog resistance, the process interface has G1 / 2 ", G1 / 4", NPT 1 / 2 ", NPT 1 / 4".

Balluff contact-less infrared temperature sensor provides an IO link or an analog interface. 红外测温传感器1

These sensors have a wide range of applications thanks to a robust stainless steel enclosure with IP 67 protection.

Iron and steel plants, casting and forging workshops, ceramic industries or glass factories are all ideal application fields.

The measured temperature range is 250 to 1250 degrees Celsius. 温度传感器