What are the characteristics of the slave I/O module used with the master module?

Balluff's IO-Link product types

The features:

  • I/O can be configured arbitrarily. The M12 plastic sensor/ actuator hub has up to 16 channels. Those can be configured arbitrarily (input/ output), to meet the requirements of cost-effectiveness and flexible wiring. IO link 1.1 is connected using a 4-pin standard sensor cable. According to the need, the input can be set to normally closed or normally open.



  • By configuration, the operation is simple and the data transmission is fast. The M12 sensor hub with IO link interface occupies a small space and can provide up to 16 channels of input in a narrow space, so it is the preferred product in space limited environment. In addition, this kind of module is light in weight, so it is very suitable for situations with strict weight requirements.
  • It can be used in harsh environments. The metal sensor hub is located in a solid shell, which makes it suitable for installation in extremely harsh industrial environment, such as machine tool plant, steel plant, etc. Thanks to the M12 plug, the metal sensor hub is easy to install and meets the requirements for cost-effective installation and maintenance.




  • It can be expanded in two levels. Some models can be expanded to double the I/O points of the system to reduce the applicable cost of customers.



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