What are the different applications of inclination sensors?

Applications of inclination sensor

Measuring an inclination angle is a task that required  in lots of different areas.

  • Solar-thermal power plants:
    BSI helps to control the inclination of the mirrors to optimally align to the current position of the sun. These mirrors are used to reflect sunlight to heat the water for generating steam.
  • Wind energy systems:
    BSI sensors are used to monitor the tower inclination. During strong wind, the tower of the wind generator tilts. So BSI will helps to determine if the tilt if it is with in the range and tower is safe to operate.
  • Medical technology Inclination:
    Inclination sensors secure the correct positioning of this radiation treatment table.
  • Oil and gas extraction:
    The inclination sensor can be used to set up the oil pump over a borehole to secure the
    correct position of the drilling head.
  • Water power:
    Tainter gate control: One BSI on each gate allows exact control of gate movement.
  • Truck-mounted platforms:
    Inclination sensors with two measurement axes ensure safety for the vehicle and the basket.



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