What are the different network options available in BTL?

Network options for the BTL series

Micropulse transducers are available with various network options.

  • CANopen     
    CANopen offers greater flexibility through comprehensive configurability of the position.
  • DeviceNet
    Micropulse transducers transmit absolute position and speed, 4 byte each, with a maximum cycle time of 1ms to the control.
    The resolution of the position can be adjusted in 5 μm steps and the resolution of the speed in 0.1 mm / s steps. Work spaces and zero point can be defined for each position encoder.
    Typical features of the open VARAN interface are fast real-time data transmission with cycle times <100 μs, automatic addressing, hot plug-in, high failure-protection, low implementation costs, easy maintenance and service with appropriate service and diagnostic tools.
  • EtherCAT
    EtherCAT focuses on extremely short cycle times (≤ 100 μs), low jitters for exact synchronization (≤ 1 μs) and low hardware costs.
  • IO-Link
    IO-Link is a point-to-point connection under any network.
  • Profinet
    PROFINET is an industrial bus system based on the physical layer of the Ethernet. The BTL can detect and process up to 16 magnets. The maximum number of magnets depends on the nominal length. The position and velocity of each magnet can be output. 

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