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What are the different types of flow sensors available in Balluff's portfolio?

Balluff portfolio: flow sensors

The thermal flow controllers from BALLUFF (BFF) let you detect the flow of liquid media in direct contact, such as in machine tools, on pumps and compressors.

By detecting a reduction in the flow, they can, for example, alert you to a failure of the flow pump, a clogged filter or a leak in the hose system.

This is how our rugged flow controllers ensure the proper function of your machine

BALLUFF BFF thermal flow controllers operate according to the calorimetric principle.
The robust housing design of our flowmeters make them an ideal choice for rough industrial applications. We offer various flow controller styles ranging from screw-in versions to direct in-line versions making them easy to adapt to meet individual application requirements.

The most important features include:

  • Directly detect liquid media.
  • No moving parts, making them resistant to soiling
  • Threaded or in-line versions, depending on the flow
    amount and tube diameter
  • Simple to integrate, rugged M12 connector
  • Visualize flow with LED line or display
  • UL- and CE-Certification

Portfolio overview Thermal Flow controllers:


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