What are the properties of the BTL7 redundant transducers?

BTL7 redundant transducers

Some of the key features of BTL7 redundant transducers are:

  • Nominal stroke length with from 25 to 2000 mm
  • 4 form factors (TB2/TB3, TZ2/TZ3, TK2/TK3, TT2/TT3) with 2x or 3x redundancy
  • 1 analog output (voltage/current) rising or falling per unit
  • Compatible with BTL5-...-T-... (TT2/TT3 style only)
  • LED status indicator (1 LED per unit)
  • Teachable using Configuration Tool Software (position, velocity)
  • Supply voltage 10…30V
  • IP67 (connector and cable version)
  • German Lloyd approval
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