What are the requirements for the power supply of Balluff's master station modules?

Balluff's IO-Link product types

Please pay extra attention to the following points:

  • Most of the main station module power supply provides 2-way DC 24 V power supply. One way supplies power to the modules and sensors (input) that need to work normally, and the other way supplies power to the actuator (output). This circuit design ensures that the input and output are independent and do not affect each other.
    When the output needs to be cut off urgently, the output power supply can be cut off, while the input of the sensor/ bus is still working normally, so it is recommended to use different power supplies for the sensor/ bus and actuator if possible.




  • Total current < 9 A. Even if the power supply of the actuator is connected by daisy chain, the total current of all modules should not exceed 9 A.
  • The maximum current supplied by each physical port of the master station module is 1.6 A, and the total current of the module shall not exceed 9A.
  • The maximum output current of each physical port is 2A.
  • Unused I/O ports must be covered to ensure IP67 protection.
  • The functional grounding of the enclosure to the machine must be low impedance and connected as short as possible.



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