What can Balluff vision sensors do?

Applications of vision sensors

Why choose BVS vision sensors? 


With the growing demand for higher efficiency, 100% quality and lower cost, Balluff provides vision sensor solutions to meet these needs. Usually, for complex multiple visual inspections, a series of sensors and barcode readers are used. By using the BVS vision sensor, the same sensor can reliably solve the problem of multiple visual inspections and barcode reading, thus greatly reducing the hardware cost and greatly improving the reliability of the sensor. BVS can also perform program switching, eliminating the need for hardware or setting changes, thereby improving efficiency. BVS is designed as a flexible, vision-based sensor solution that can meet most of today's production needs.

  1. Replace different sensor functions with one piece
  2. Greater configuration flexibility
  3. Easy to use, single PC software interface
  4. Industrial grade, flexible installation
    Lower cost and faster return on investment
  5. Hardware: reduce hardware costs. A BVS vision sensor can replace up to 255 standard sensors.
  6. Engineering and project planning: Use a single BVS instead of using sensor arrays and multiple mounting hardware. It greatly reduces the setup and conversion time, simplifies the design and reduces all hardware costs. Several flexible BVS installation options are provided.
  7. Startup: Startup and configuration: Using an intuitive PC software interface, the configuration of any BVS is very simple. Through a simple three-step setup process, no complicated programming languages ​​or expensive training are required.
  8. Operation and maintenance: Product replacement does not require time-consuming and complicated multi-sensor realignment. BVS allows a variety of inspection work program switching, these programs can be changed through communication instructions, thereby reducing workload and improving productivity

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