What does the indicator light (Balluff Safety Module) mean?

LED indication of safety module

Status Indicator

US: off

  • sensor-less voltage
  • Green Sensor voltage is normal
  • Red Sensor voltage is less than 17V or greater than 31V

UA: off

  • No actuator voltage
  • Green actuator is normal
  • Red actuator is less than 17V or greater than 31V

IO-LINK: off

  • No IO-LINK communication
  • Flashing green IO-LINK communication activates the connection

Safe mode: off

  • No PROFI safe communication
  • Green PROFI safe communication active connection
  • Green flashing means 2Hz PROFI safe communication activation user confirmation

Error: off

  • Normal (Red means faulty)

Please check the manual for more details.安全