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What is Balluff IO-LINK?

Balluff IO-LINK concept

IO-LINK is an ideal enabler for the implementations of industry 4.0.

It is a new, simple, fieldbus-independent and open standard communication interface. It is not a new bus system, but a serial, two-way point-to-point connection.

Balluff IO-LINK products are very complex, but not complicated, and provide overall solutions. Balluff is the global leader in IO-LINK technology.


The communication rates of Balluff IO-LINK products are COM1 4.8k, COM2 38.4k and COM3 230K.

The master port is adaptive to the sub-stations and does not need to be set additionally.

Currently, IO-LINK 1.1 is faster than IO-LINK 1.0, and it is also compatible with either IO-LINK 1.1 or 1.0, while the Balluff master is compatible with both.