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What is a HALT test?

Benefits of the HALT test

Highly Accelerated Life Test (abbreviation HALT) is the accelerated aging of electronic products  with the aim of detecting their possible weak points as early as possible and to correct them at the development stage.

The item under test is subjected to higher and higher thermal and mechanical stress in order to cause failures. The limits where the product will fail functionally or be destroyed are determined in order to push these limits as far out as possible, and so achieve a higher reliability for the product.




HALT tests during product development phase

  • Evaluate quality, reliability and lifetime expectation
  • Detect weaknesses early and eliminate them
  • Rapid temperature cycles from -100°C - +200°C
  • Correct operation between -60° - +130°C
  • Vibration loads (cycles 10 - 50G)
  • Tests conducted until the sensor fails


Weak points of the sensors can be determined using this test.


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